The Importance of a Site Manager for Major Works Projects


In the current economic climate leaseholders are naturally looking to cut costs when undertaking major works. One area that is often questioned is the role of a full time Site Manager. In this article we discuss why omitting a site manager from a major works project may prove to be a false economy.

What is the Role of a Site Manager and How do they Add Value to a Major Works Project?

Site Managers have a significant impact on projects being undertaken on site, working to budget, ensuring the desired quality is achieved and works are undertaken safely. Unlike a Contracts Manager they are based on site, meaning they are able to oversee the progress and direction of the project full time.

Their role can include the following duties:

  • Liaising on a day-to-day basis with residents, on-site personnel, such as security or concierge, property managers and the wider project team to help improve communication between all parties and help leaseholders and residents stay informed.
  • Coordinating and supervising the various trades used in a project to maximise efficiencies in the project programme, leading to the time on site and disruption being kept to a minimum.
  • Monitoring the quality of works undertaken. The sooner issues are picked up the better. Having someone on site full time also has the benefit being able to inspect any repair works before they are covered over, such as timber repairs.
  • Checking specifications and drawings, which is particularly important when strip-out and opening up works start. The quicker discrepancies or additional works are dealt with the better. The later these issues are picked up, the increased likelihood of costs increasing and delays occurring to the project programme.
  • Being in charge and taking ownership of site safety. Having a person in charge of health and safety on a day to day basis means that site rules and protocols are enforced. This can mean anything from conducting daily ‘toolbox talks’, to ensuring social distancing is enforced or simply keeping the site tidy. All of this helps ensure clients are fulfilling their duties under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 effectively.


Don’t be fooled into thinking that you are saving money by undertaking works without a site manager. If works are undertaken without this role it may lead to issues. This will often manifest in delays, increased costs and subpar quality, which is only going to cause headaches for you and your clients further down the line.

By seeing the inclusion of a site manager as an investment in the project rather than a cost, you are setting yourself up as best as possible for having a successful project.

Hamilton Darcey LLP are experienced in all manner of major works projects. We work closely with our clients to ensure our tender and contractor selection processes are run effectively with a keen eye on quality and safety.