Licence to Alter

Hamilton Darcey is an RICS accredited practice, which means we are able to undertake full building surveys to all types of building. The different reports we offer are:

  • Condition Report– This shows the condition of a building and highlights urgent defects. These are most suitable for conventional homes and new build properties.


  • Homebuyer Report-This includes all the features of the Condition Report, including a market valuation and insurance rebuild costs. It also advises on the effects of defects on the value of the property as well as ongoing maintenance requirements.


  • Full Building Surveys- This is the most comprehensive report we offer and provides you with in-depth analysis of the property’s condition, including advice on repairs, defects and maintenance options. We recommend this is undertaken for larger and older buildings or if you are planning major works.


  • Measured Surveys– These are used to record the existing layout of a building, which can then be used to draw up alteration plans or for use as Lease Plans.