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Listed here is a handy guide to secure girl-on-girl gender! health team had been consulted with this article, but it’s not an alternative for health advice/attention.

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Exactly why are Gay Women So Afraid of the Gyno?

Everybody did actually have a lot of questions about sexual health and I became wanting i really could help respond to a few of them! Regrettably, In addition noticed some antagonism towards medical doctors overall, which seemed to be fueled by adverse experiences a lot of you have had. Let’s face it, I have it – i have been truth be told there.

But, speaking from the perspective of somebody that is inside system, selecting maybe not going to the physician is not the answer! While medication is actually a patriarchal and hierarchical establishment, there are plenty of all of us that working to transform that.

Personally conduct many LGBT wellness training so there’s a genuine drive to ensure the new generation of medical experts is the one that will observe that only a few women can be heterosexual baby-makers (no problem with those!). Change takes some time, yes, but your wellness must not suffer caused by a physician who isn’t as enlightened as you’d wish.

Woman You Ought To Get Yourself Looked At

It may be fairly difficult to go over queer ladies’ problems ’cause indeed there merely wasn’t a lot research completed on rates of sexually carried infections (STIs) and HIV in females who like to ride the hobby horse together with other ladies.

I learned merely from speaking with my friends also sapphically-inclined girls that most of y’all commonly having safe intercourse! We do not be concerned with unexpected maternity and a lot of lesbians frequently believe that do not need to bother about contracting STIs from our partners sometimes.


research demonstrate that at least 75% of females which determine as lesbians have experienced intercourse with guys and about two-thirds of the time, those ladies happened to be doing unprotected sex



Which means that if you or your partner have seen the gender with a dude, and alson’t already been tested, your threat for STIs and HIV is related to that a heterosexual girl!

Very hayyy you need to get tested. As Natalie mentioned in her own posts, queers (like other marginalized groups of women) will frequent the gyno much less frequently for a number of explanations.

But do not allow unfavorable encounters with narrow-minded providers stop you from taking obligation to suit your sexual health insurance and for your lover’s sexual wellness. If you don’t have insurance, many free clinics would STI examination at very little cost, or complimentary. Get it done!

STIs: Acquiring These & Eliminating These

This might be certainly not a thorough listing of the STIs available to choose from, but I would like to strike on some of the more widespread attacks and the ones that stick with you when you get badly infected.


Human Papilloma virus is probably the most usual STI in the united states, with a few stats estimating that

doing 75% of intimately productive grownups in america exhibit a brief history with the disease


. HPV is sent by skin-to-skin contact. Which means that even although you just have intercourse with ladies, you are nonetheless in danger of illness. This virus is sneaky also, as it can lay hidden within you, thus without having to be tested, you may never know you’ve got it. When you yourself have had gender with a guy before, you’re at increased danger for getting (and transmitting!) HPV. This is really important, because a brief history of HPV disease is the single biggest danger element for establishing cervical cancer.

Some stresses of HPV cause genital warts and two pressures particularly have already been identified to cause over 75% of cervical malignant tumors. Butttt some pressures are not cancerous. Indeed, some actually clear-up themselves!

But how have you any ä°dea which strain you really have? Get a pap smear! Cervical disease requires many years to cultivate, thus going to the gyno and having them simply take a look-see gives you a darn good chance of never ever having the condition progress any more.

In addition, if you’re according to the age 26, you might think of obtaining Gardasil, the HPV vaccine, which takes care of two strains of HPV which are responsible for 75% of cervical cancer and another two strains that cause as much as 90per cent of genital warts and it is covered by lots of insurance firms today. But it’s really worth noting that being vaccinated is your own decision and ought to end up being a knowledgeable one, therefore educate yourself — there has been lots of controversy around Gardasil. You might have feelings?


Two pretty typical STIs and one other reason attain examined. Gonorrhea and chlamydia tends to be sent through discussing toys, body fluids, and genital get in touch with. These problems is generally silent, or can provide with signs and symptoms like burning up when you pee, release and tummy pain. Luckily for us, both are often addressed with an instant amount of antibiotics. With no treatment, however, gonorrhea and chlamydia can progress to pelvic inflammatory illness, which can trigger infertility, ectopic pregnancy, and serious infections, on top of other things.


Bacterial vaginosis is yet another quickly treatable intimately transmitted illness. Interestingly adequate, queer women seem to be at increased risk for sending and acquiring the infection. This option may also be silent, or may announce by itself with white-ish release and a fishy smell, but is usually not itchy or unpleasant. We’re not exactly sure how it’s sent, nevertheless likely channels tend to be through adult toys, dental and oral-anal sex


. One essential note about that disease: often whenever one spouse features it, another lover is sometimes contaminated too. If you happen to get with this illness, push your spouse along with you toward medical practitioner, and now have this lady get tested besides.


Special Opinion: THIS PART OF THE CONTENT HAD NOT BEEN PUBLISHED BY A HEALTH PROFESSIONAL. It includes conversation of do-it-yourself solutions and opinions about private care. It is far from supposed to be medical advice and does not claim to be.

hello BITCHES! The physician is going for quite and you are going to need pay attention to me, your private expert on yeast conditions and how to eliminate them. This is really important ’cause lesbians give each other YIs the really time.

It is a touchy topic with ladies wellness professionals: many docs refuse to prescribe Diflucan (the YI pill) if you don’t are available for a scheduled appointment, even when they will have effectively diagnosed you in past times. COME ON NOW. (See:
Stories of my personal Vagina, Or precisely why Women’s wellness is entirely F*cking unjust
) Butttt… obviously some body just developed a
Vagisil Screening System
, therefore probably our very own chance is evolving?

In person, i came across my chronic yeast-based infections fixed whenever I quit guys as well as the medicine, except for this package time my personal lady-lover and I also gave one another yeast-based infections which will be type of a lengthy tale. Additionally, she had a boyfriend. You understand how really.

Anyhow, a good amount of homosexual females have YIs for several factors, like getting antibiotics or chilling in your Dinah Shore bikini for a touch too long, and 75percent of all of the girls get one or more in their lifetime. I have never ever skilled the release most women carry out, however the itchiness and redness may be terrible sufficient in & of it self, espesh ’cause it is taboo you cannot whine about any of it as you can when you’ve got a migraine or something like that.

The following things never ever helped

, AZO,
, tea tree petroleum, natural yogurt, pure cotton underpants, acidophilus, hydrogen peroxide douching, garlic, etc.

Diflucan, a prescription-only capsule, requires a couple of days to get results, but it is worthwhile ’cause there’s really no mess. Howevs, as previously mentioned, you’ll usually need a health care professional’s consultation which’s a pain during the butt then as well as being a pain from inside the vadge.

Some buddies let me know their particular YIs subside independently. Fortunate bastards.

There seemed to be one proposed Doing It Yourself solution that seemed specially bogus to me, and trust me it shocked my socks off whenever it ended up being the one thing that actually works: BORIC ACID.

get “0” vacant best spices for vegetables supplements
at your regional health super market, get a tub of
boric acid
(in powder type) just about anywhere, and try not to ever freak out that it’s often promoted as a roach-killer. Fill a capsule or two utilizing the dust and put those babies inside you every evening ’til the infection goes away completely. It can be utilized preventatively should you believe a YI coming on, that’s the best benefit!

You ought to seriously read this web site
, its a fantastic resource because once the author highlights, ”

to my mind, the standard treatment of genital yeast-based infections is actually a nutshell of what is actually completely wrong making use of method our society addresses wimmin’s medical problems.”

Okay, back into the physician now…

These Specific Things Never Keep

So, we protected the most effective and by most readily useful I mean worst attacks for finally! Herpes! And HIV! ‘Cause see when you get HIV or Herpes, you have got it for a lifetime.


could be transmitted through dental or vaginal intercourse. There is certainly treatment for herpes, which will lead you to have a lot fewer episodes, but will not heal you. The difficult benefit of herpes is, even if you lack a dynamic aching, you’ll be able to nonetheless transmit the illness your lover. However, it is possible to anticipate if you’re transmittable, so confer with your doctor.


is generally carried through blood, genital secretions and breast milk products, but not saliva. There aren’t many statistics available on risks of HIV transmission in queer women. In general, the typical consensus is apparently that indication can be done


. But when I’ve pressured before, if you find yourself a lady who’s got unprotected sex with guys on a normal or unexpected basis, then your danger for HIV disease is comparable to regarding a heterosexual woman, and if you’re perhaps not examined, your partner’s likelihood of illness is enhanced.

Secured Intercourse: Not Simply For Directly Folks

Gender is gorgeous! Talking about secure sex, however, can be a bit of a drag. Get over it! Information is hot and I also’m planning to turn you into smokin’ hot.

Dentistry Dams

Dental dams
tend to be one buffer method that can help avoid the transmission of STIs.

Quick interlude between our very own

Editor-in-Chief Riese & Executive Editor Laneia

, which were held even as we happened to be tag-team modifying this information –


can we you need to be right about dental dams

like carry out people actually make use of them


i don’t know?

like, I would like to use one today

b/c i really wish to know just what fuck’s up


we have some

given to me personally by prepared parenthood


there is a mention of dental care dams in certain erotica i read two weeks back,

she needed it for rectal

oral anal regarding the butch leading

you continue to with me?


oral anal to a butch top

maybe not going to lay

I am not saying probably going to be giving oral rectal to any individual

probs never inside my existence

and that’s fine, I am not judging


really, germs

i dunno


but if you DID, you would make use of a dental dam


oh yeah


then you may eat from ass to vadge w/out worrying all about distributing such a thing


or I possibly could simply not take action


mhm or that

i’m not sure if i’d always would you like to both, but i’m not ruling something out

particularly when there is saran wrap involved



we’ll do just about anything which involves saran wrap

plan food

consume ass

have sex to HELPS

swaddle cannabis for cross-country airline travel




: ever see porno with folks making use of dental dams inside it


no, but you will findn’t viewed most porn


myself neither


i bet should you decide emailed somebody who really does, they might show. you can e-mail sugarbutch.


but i’m not sure easily want to be similar,

hey whats up, ever made use of a dental dam


noooo you would certainly be inquiring should they’ve actually ever observed PORN whereby a dental care dam was utilized

Now to this article…

However, if dental dams aren’t the bag, there are still enough things that you certainly can do to insure a secure and gorgeous time is actually had by all. The majority are more or less commonsense.

1. cleanse both hands before getting obscene.

2. never discuss sex toys whenever you are doing, make use of a condom, or precisely wipe them clean with water and soap before using a new user



3. And finally, one of the recommended points that you and your partner may do to guard yourselves and one another, should


Discuss your own intimate record, whether you’ve had sex with men in past times, if you have been tried before and if you haven’t already been tried, (once a lot more, with feeling! … ) get tried!

I am hoping this overview was actually informative and replied questions that some of you have had. I’d love to hear any opinions, concerns or any other subjects you’d like to hear about!


Diamant AL et al., Lesbians’ sexual history with guys: effects when planning on taking a sexual record, Archives of interior medication, 1999, 159(22):2730-2736.


Marazzo, JM. Genital human beings papillomavirus infectioin in females who possess intercourse with ladies: a problem for clients and companies. HELPS Individual Worry STDS 2000; 14: 447.






Carol, NM. Gynecologic and obstetric take care of lesbians. Uptodate. January 2010

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