Here you will find a range of useful information relating to our internal policies and procedures. We also provide regulatory and legislative updates in order to keep our clients and partners fully informed of important developments within the industry.

HD Insights

CPD Education for Property Managers

HD insights is Hamilton Darcey’s CPD education forum for property managers. Our aim is to help property managers identify problems and overcome obstacles to benefit the long term health of their buildings.

Industry Updates

Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015

The CDM Regulations 2015 came into force on 6 April 2015. Hamilton Darcey have comprehensive knowledge in the transitional changes to the regulations from the 2007 version and will ensure your project complies with the 2015 regulations.

Click here for more information on the update and a summary of duties for each of the CDM duty holders.

Building Regulations 2010, updated 2016

As Chartered Building Surveyors, we understand the constant need to maintain our knowledge in the updates that are ever taking place to the Building Regulations.

Click here to view the Approved Documents, Parts A to R.

Planning Permission

With a wealth of experience in achieving planning consent through submitting planning applications, we ensure that our knowledge on local planning policies is up to date.

Click here for more information about the planning process, the planning application fee calculator and other useful information.

Policies and Procedures