Consider the Services to Improve Your Service

In previous articles, Hamilton Darcey have championed the implementation of Planned Maintenance Programmes (PMP) reports to effectively plan for building maintenance and to protect from future economic uncertainty and fluctuating markets.

Including mechanical and electrical services in a PMP can sometimes be overlooked; in this article we’ll look at the merits to having the building’s mechanical and electrical services included in your next Planned Maintenance Programme.

Why Have a Planned Maintenance Report in the First Place?

A Planned Maintenance Programme (PMP) is a key tool for Property Managers to set their capital expenditure. It enables landlords to comply with their lease obligations and maintain the high standard and safety of their building. For leaseholders, it prevents unexpected costs and allows them to budget up to 10 years ahead. The risk of unexpected spikes in the service charge budget and payment demands is also greatly reduced.

Why Cover Mechanical & Electrical Services in a PMP?

There are plenty of blocks where the mechanical and electrical services to the common parts of a building are relatively simple in nature. On a basic level these may only include lighting and fire alarm and detection systems. However, we have noticed a trend for blocks (particularly larger blocks) to introduce more and more complex services within the base build.

Some reasons for this include:

  • Larger blocks require more complex mechanical and electrical solutions
  • Local authorities’ planners imposing green initiatives on developers
  • Developers wanting to offer more amenities to their leaseholders as a way of setting themselves apart from competitions, such as gyms and swimming pools, etc.
  • Enhanced life safety systems, such as fire suppressing and smoke extractions systems

Unfortunately, in many cases these systems will require significant overhaul and worse still, may become obsolete over the lifespan of the building.

Without planning for these events, you run the risk of significant shortfalls in your service charge budget, putting pressure on leaseholders to pay. It could also result in other parts of the block being neglected too.


At Hamilton Darcey we advocate the implementation of PMPs as effective ways of managing maintenance of residential blocks. As building’s become more and more complex it is important that these systems are properly understood, and their long-term maintenance is considered for effective building operation and budget planning.

We assist with the engagement of mechanical and electrical engineers and integrate their findings into the Planned Maintenance Programme, for everyone from leaseholders and tenants to visitors.